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Scott Sax

Regional Manager - NMLS # 8341

Scott graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech) with a Bachelors of Science in Management degree in December 1991 and was recruited to be the lead sales representative of a new venture in Denver, Colorado. Case Paper Company was an immediate success led by Sax's business development efforts. Being a good salesman came easy, but Sax wanted more to feed his entrepreneurial spirit.

In 1993, Sax was introduced to the mortgage business by his father in-law and took an immediate affinity to the abstract problem solving nature of the industry. Sax and his team built the company from scratch and sold the firm in 1997 as a nationwide lender.

In 1999, Sax was a co-founder of Entrust Mortgage, Inc. and assisted in taking the company public. After 6 years of building the company and serving as CEO, Sax sold his interest in the firm to pursue a consulting career, but was recruited by his largest client to serve as President of United Mortgage Corporation.

The first several years were amazingly profitable at United Mortgage, but the real estate and mortgage crisis of 2008 was too much for the firm and Sax resigned. Humbled by a once in a lifetime financial crisis, Sax went back to his roots with his partner Michael Collins and started to re-build a business called RMA Lending out of the ashes of the mortgage crisis.

Business was extremely challenging in 2008 and 2009, but Sax and Collins bootstrapped their way to success by developing a small firm with limited capital into an acquisition target of various banks around the country. Very quickly the venture became one of the largest mortgage units in Denver and soon out grew their limited funding capacity. Rather than being satisfied with status quo, the duo went on a national search for a banking partner with a more substantial balance sheet who would be amenable to the RMA founders' passion and vision.

After much success and many billions of dollars in funded mortgages over the years, Sax and Collins partnered with the Bank of England in late 2014 to capitalize on the like-mindedness of spectacular service, competitive pricing, and long term stability.

Sax is also very active in the Denver community, father of 3 daughters, a soccer coach, and happily married to his college sweetheart.